Aero Range

Aero Range

Aero make 7 models of bowls, every model is visually different to the next on the green. It’s only Aero with their high precision robotic equipment that can do this. Our bowls are manufactured to be suitable for local conditions per country, and will perform at their best with the right selection.

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Australia and New Zealand – Our models are Optima, Profile, Dynamic, TurboPro and Space.

UK and South Africa and almost all other countries including the USA and Canada – Our models are Groove, Maxim and Revolution

AeroProfile | Between an Optima and Dynamic


The all new Profile is a world first. A bowl that will fit more comfortably in more hands than ever before than ever before.
Whether one has small, medium, large or damaged hands the new Aero Profile is a huge leap in design technology.
The design,with an all new shape,allows one to hold a bowl better than ever and leads to truly controlled and accurate bowling. Only Aero, with their phenomenally accurate machinery are able to produce a bowl usinfg a new streamlined shape, with a trajectory that is a line between an Optima and Dynamic and has exactly the same stability in the wind as the hallmark of all Aero Bowls.
The Profile is new all over and it’s this that gives it the same wind stability as every Aero model.
The Profile has no hook, cut and will not die across the head. Tested and approved by Kelvin Kerkow on slow, medium and very fast surfaces its everything an Aero is but with a different easier to hold profile.

AeroDynamic | Midline


Until one tries a Dynamic, you’ll never know just how much Aero have changed the game. The Dynamic is not wide, not tight, our best bowlers call it a Midline© Bowl. It is matched for any green over 14 seconds right up to the quickest, grass or artificial.

Common to all Aero Bowls, add a bit of weight and the bowls will hold their line as though they are on rails. They simply do not duck. On the draw the bowls are so predictable you can generally tell where they will finish from half way up the green.

AeroOptima | Slightly wider arc than Dynamic


The Optima takes approximately 10 to 30cms more grass* than a Dynamic. On any surface green from 13 seconds to the fastest the Optima will perform with complete precision. Hold on the up shot, draw under or around any bowl, ergonomic profile for comfort in the hand and a guaranteed same line every time.

The Optima was designed for bowlers like Brett Wilkie who simply prefer a bowl that takes a little more grass but is by no means a wide bowl.

*Dependant on green speed, stance and weather.

AeroTurboPro | Suitable for the fastest greens


Kelvin suggests the TurboPro as a bowl for Queensland Tift greens when they run at 16 seconds and more come winter. The TurboPro takes 10 to 30 cms less grass* than a Dynamic, other than that it has all the superior features that every Aero Bowl has.

The Turbo Pro is not designed for slow greens. For Queensland owning both a TurboPro and Dynamic is a good option.However, if you need to make a choice then go for the Dynamic.

*Dependant on green speed, weather conditions and stance.

AERO UPSHOTS: Read what Kelvin Kerkow has to say regarding the TurboPro;

“It’s the easiest bowl to control for the most delicate upshots…I’m telling you its holds better than any bowl I’ve ever used. The Dynamic and Optima do exactly the sameunreal”

AeroSpace | Suitable for slower and tracky greens


“Make a bowl with more turn than an Optima for slow or bumpy greens”.

Using our sophisticated computer programmes and exceptionally accurate machinery Aero made a bowl 15cms to approx. 40 cms wider* than an Optima.

The Space is used by Ray Pearse twice NSW singles Champion and Australian rep. He simply prefers wide bowls.

However, Ray  would not use them on 15 second and faster greens, they’ll use Optima.

Aero Groove

Available with Zig Zag or AeroDentations or Plain Rings

DESIGNED FOR UK, SOUTH AFRICA,USA,CANADA and most other countries.

For the bowler that prefers a bowl with less swing than the Maxim, the Groove can be used with a precision not seen previously in a lawn bowl. It’s Ellen’s choice as well as David Bolt’s.

Perfectly suited to most UK,South African,USA and Canadian  outdoor greens the Groove plays without the Maxim’s strong finish.

As with every Aero model, whether an Australian model or Overseas model the UNIQUE feature of Aero design is that the bowl begins the turn approximately half way between mat and jack.

It is for this reason Aero is less affected by wind and uneven undulating and especially tracking surfaces. The logic is simple, more time to turn toward the target,because of the unique Harbour Bridge trajectory.
(Other brands turn much later making them more wind affected that gives them a huge hook).

ONLY AERO GURANTEE IN WRITING that our bowls are perfectly matched and that every set of  a particular model is the same as evey other set of that model.

NO OTHER MANUFACTURER GURANTEES THAT, although one Drakes Pride claim that.We ask,where is your guarantee that EVERY SET made by you is consistent?

I know that’s untrue as I was challenged by a player regarding my Drakes some years ago.All my 3 new Drakes sets failed the table test and Peter Clare the Drakes CEO refused to do a thing for me.

Now I manufacture Aero Bowls and we treat customers very differently and with the extreme respect that every customer deserves.

It’s no co-incidence that more World Champions have changed to Aero than to any other brand over the last 2 years.


DESIGNED FOR very slow outdoor greens in  the UK,Canada and USA

The Maxim is designed as a wide swinging bowl. As with every one of our bowls the features are unique to Aero, only the precision of manufacture allows us to manufacture bowls that on the up shot will hold the line but with a gentle arc that our top players demanded.

On the draw, the Maxim will go around any bowl and so accurate is the line one can see the end result of ones shot from halfway up the green.

From the ergonomic profile, the guaranteed chip proof grips, a perfectly matched set and with every set of that model being the same, outstanding colours and polished using the same equipment Rolex use, one has a truly precision bowl that will instill a feeling of confidence when on the mat that any shot is possible, and with Aero it is.



Tested and used by Ellen Falkner, Mervyn King, David Bolt ,Willie Wood, Kelvin Kerkow and Sian Gordon,while Jeremy Henry recently won the 2013 World Cup with the Revolution.

Bowlers will note 3 extremely important and indeed unique features.

1. The Revolution will turn approximately halfway between mat and jack with an even, predictable and very accurate arc. No other brand has this trajectory which we designed using the same computer programme that is used to design the A380 aircraft. This trajectory makes playing much more accurate.

2. The up shot…..can now be played with less weight than ever before as the Revolution is designed to hold the line with minimum weight. This means dead accurate bowling,moving out the shot bowl or trailing the jack without upsetting the head and this all leads to more confidence on the mat.

3. For the first time in the history of the game every set of Aero Bowls is the same as every other set made. You’ll never hear on the green “my set is different from that set”,as one continually hears of the other brands.

Every Aero set is a custom made a set, our 7 axis lathe works to tolerances of 4 figures, microns, and only we can make a claim and GUARANTEE that your set is perfectly matched and that your set of Revolutions is the same as any set of Revolutions. Naturally the same applies to our Groove and Maxim models.

Aero in Australia are now the countries biggest selling brand and Aero have won more major competitions than Taylor, Henselite or Drakes in 2013. Aero were the main Bowls Sponsor of World Bowls Adelaide and  Aero feature heavily on TV.

Aero’s precision, accuracy, consistency in manufacture, and being favored by the who’s who of bowls around the world, are all the driving forces behind the success of the brand. For more information on our bowls and which one to use please email