Aero Bowls Difference & Guarantee


Aero Sizing and the only bowls with the same line every time… guaranteed!

Aero Bowls are the world’s most accurately manufactured bowls, designed with assistance from the world’s best bowlers. As a bowler you’ll see the difference for yourself when delivering your Aero.

With bowls priced from $525, Aero represent true value for the world’s most accurately made bowls.

Kelvin Kerkow, Brett Wilkie, Richard Girvan, Shannon Mcilroy, Val Smith, Ellen Falkner, Sian Gordon, Julie Keegan, Graham Shadwell, David Bolt all had input so we could create the perfect trajectory. The great Willie Wood has a set of Aero Groove bowls as Tony Alcock.

17 medals at the recent Commonwealth Games including 5 Gold.



Join the Aero team where you will find a full range of half sizes.  Size is crucial for a good delivery and accurate grassing, so we have spent a lot of time making bowls that will give you top performance, irrespective of size.

Thus with Aero going down a size for comfort and grip, this will make absolutely no difference in performance on the green. No longer need arthritis, or age, be a factor in holding a bowl correctly.

For the discerning bowler, we offer a unique range of half sizes and the Aero trajectory which is truly match winning.  Aero has won more major titles in Australia than any other brand from 2013 to date.

Aero have a completely different line to all other brands. (In fact it is hard to know what the line of all other brands actually are, as almost every set of these other brands are different, even if it’s the same model – we’ve all seen this).

With Aero Bowls you’ll never see this. EVERY AERO SET OF THE SAME MODEL IS THE SAME…….GUARANTEED.

You will not find this guarantee given by any other brand.

We custom make every set and the bowl never moves off its plane until it is completed and ready to play with.

All four bowls are matched as regards weight (within 3 gms) as well as the line and we can guarantee all bowls in your set are dead accurate, or your money back. The same line every time is fundamental to playing successful bowls and is the promise of our True Trajectory feature of every set.

Kelvin Kerkow, and the other world champions chose Aero because they understood the huge importance of an accurate set and want to win with the best bowls available.  Kelvin will tell you he is playing his best bowls ever with his Aero’s.

Why choose another brand when other brands cannot give the Aero guarantee of accuracy and consistency of the line.

Aero is manufactured in a state of the art factory in Sydney  We have created many jobs in the process and are proudly 100% Australian owned and operated. We have highly qualified personnel running the factory and the robotic equipment is the latest available. We own two of the most accurate lathes available today. There is no lathe made that is more accurate.

No other bowls can match Aero Bowls for precision or accuracy. No other brand has invested in the input from so many world class players as we have. In fact we are the only manufacturers in the world where the partners are both high profile bowlers, with one having an Australian Title.

For your next set of bowls do your game a favour and choose the only bowl with True Trajectory – the same line every time.



AeroBowls are manufactured to tolerances that no other manufacturer can match.

The manufacturer of the world’s most accurate and advanced bowls, guarantee each set for 12 years, from the date stamp on your set.

Our guarantee covers manufacturing defects. Our guarantee does not cover wear and tear, fading, scratches, pit marks, chips, removal of paint caused by stickers or otherwise. AeroBowls decision is final.

Bowls can be damaged by sand filled greens, which will cause scratches to the bowls surface, nails, plinths and stones can cause chips. Fertiliser used when greens are being renovated can cause scratches and pit marks, this occurs when bowls pick up small stones on wet greens and make contact with another bowl. Sand in some ditches can cause surface scratches.

All AeroBowls are made from solid melamine, coloured all the way through – polishing your set with a cloth and non abrasive polish will keep your set looking good for years.

Speckled Bowls – It is not possible to manufacture a set with an even speckle look. Speckles are simply another colour crystal mixed with the base crystal and they form at random. That’s the beauty of the speckle!

Only AeroBowls can guarantee that your set will contain 4 bowls with the same line and whose line will be the same as another set of the same type within the limitations of the current machinery available.  (Our machines are the most accurate currently available anywhere in the world)

This is our guarantee when your bowls are new and unplayed with. The bias on a bowl may change due to play on various green surfaces.

AeroBowls are the world’s most advanced manufacturing unit for bowls and our processes are fully approved by World Bowls. Our designs and manufacturing techniques carry numerous patents. No testing table is as accurate as the machine your AeroBowls are made on.

1. We guarantee 100% your set complies with the master bowl minimum bias provided to us by World Bowls Ltd.

2. Any adjustment by a licensed tester of a new set of our bowls will change the bias of our bowls which are made to an accuracy of better than 1/1000mm – more than 80 times thinner than a human hair. You can’t do that with sandpaper.



Only Aero Bowls offer total peace-of-mind with the purchase of a new set.

At Aero Bowls, our mission is to ensure complete customer satisfaction with innovative product designs, superior manufacture and the best performing bowl.

Only Aero Bowls offers complete satisfaction – guaranteed

  • 21 day play guarantee

21 Day Play Guarantee
The ultimate peace-of-mind from Aero Bowls. We are so confident of our manufacture and performance that we provide a unique 21 day play guarantee with all new purchases. This gives our customers the opportunity to confirm their complete satisfaction ‘on the green’.

PLEASE NOTE OUR 21 DAY RETURN POLICY ON BOWLS ONLY APPLIES IN Australia, New Zealand and the UK. Bowls must be returned Post Paid and we require the original receipt.